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Nanjing Daye Company offers the following greenhouses and set facility services.

1、Greenhouse structure:

For growing:Arch Series Greenhouse with sealed
       Arch Series Greenhouse with Open Roof
       Gable Series Greenhouse with Open Roof
       Sunlight greenhouse
       Shading Series
For marketing:Gable Series Greenhouse
        Flower House for Decoration
        Nonstandard Greenhouse as per Request
For family:Small forest® and Big forest® Hobby Greenhouse

2、 Ventilation design: Rolling film system and opening window with rack for ventilation.

3、 Covering method: single-layer and double-layer film, single-layer corrugated polycarbonate and multi-wall polycarbonate

4、 Set facilities:
a). heating/heat prevention—fuel hot blower, heat prevention screen system;
b). cooling/ventilation—fogging system、cooling pad wall system、shading screen system、all equipments for ventilation;
c). planting system—top spray, ground irrigation, auto fertilization system, CO2 and sunshine supplementary system

5、Control method:manual control, sensor control, monoboard computer control, integrated computer system monitoring

6、Integrated facility:assembly workshop or control room, flower soilless cultivation, plant growing conditioner, soil conditioner, all kinds of flowers, seeding and set facilities technique material.

7、Greenhouse and entertainment spare parts:all types of clips for greenhouse、China made or imported film, inside and outside sunshade structure of greenhouse, etc.
Daye (Nanjing) Greenhouse Engineering Company